Currently, I live in Australia as a permanent resident, but I am an American expat.  In 2010, I met my Aussie husband at a Scottish bar in Budapest, Hungary! We now have two adorable children who are only 15 months apart, so life as a Mummy has been a new, exciting and sometimes tiring adventure.

Before I met my husband I worked in the travel industry leading tours around the world as well as designing and operating tours throughout Europe.  Travel continues to be a passion and daily reminder as I look into the eyes of my children, a beautiful yet cheeky mix of Americana and Australiana.

My photography reflects my passion for exploration along with my passion for the visual and performing arts.  I have also worked as a dance instructor and continue to be inspired by all artistic genres.

Design is incredibly important to me in my photography. I also have a soft spot for Op shops and antique stores and love incorporating these findings into my photo shoots. Even barista art makes me all giddy!

Life is a constant adventure with such unique stories behind every face and every photo.  I look forward to learning about your story while helping to create a new chapter!

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